The Future of Fintech

Fintech used to be a back-office support function, now it’s defining an industry Financial technology used to be the back-office support function for bankers and traders. Venture capitalists barely invested in the sector. Public companies in the industry were rarely compared to the high-growth darlings of Silicon Valley. But things have changed dramatically. Over the

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Waqf link investments – Reimagined on WaqfChain

Inspiration Finterra launched a Cash Waqf Charity Crowdfunding platform (WaqfChain) in Feb 2019, built on the Gallactic network, using EVM based cross-chain Smart Contracts. In the continues evolution of WaqfChain, Finterra is crafting more innovative Waqf inked instruments to not only cater for charities, but also private equity based liquidity opportunities. This has pushed the

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