Editorial Team

Amnah Khalid

Dr. Amnah Khalid

Holds a doctorate in Political Science from IIU Malaysia, and passionate about analysing social impacting trends. Known for reporting hard facts on current issues in the industry. @amnahkhalid

Rabiatul Adawiyah

A graduate of Islamic Finance, with passion to write about alternative finance models. Currently on internship to learn about Social Solutions for Blockchain. @rabiatuladawiyah

Nashwa Badeeu

An enthusiast of Islamic Finance, and currently pursuing PhD. A columnist for Waqf, Islamic Equity, and Shariah concepts. Resides and works from the beautiful islands of Maldives. @nashwabadeeu

Queenie Lee

An experienced Business Developer in the Crypto and Private Investments industry. Proven track record in community building, engagement, and PR. Strong advocate of social justice. @queenielee