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The FINTERRA Global Plantation (FGP) project is a 40 months Paulownia Timber plantation initiative with the objective of (i) sustainable timber forestation, and (ii) impact investment opportunity. The initiative is a joint-venture between FGP as one part, and Gain Green with Sime Darby as the other part. The joint-venture is to plant 300 fast growing Paulownia Timber trees per acre, in 5 lots of 500 acres each, totaling to 2,500 acres per anum, and the project will go on for 4 year.

Q1 Project Updates

1.0 Q0 & Q1 Farm Operations Project Plan

Phase-1 comprising of 500 acres of Sime Darby land in Anak Kulim, Kedah has been completed. The work on the land started in July 2020, and by October 2020 the planting of 150,000 seedlings was completed. Since October 2020 normal farm maintenance operations are regularly undertaken by Gain Green.

2.0 Farm Operation Image Gallery

[00] 1,500 acres of Sime Darby land at Anak Kulim, Kedah for Phase 1, 2 & 3

[01] Land Clearing Works of 500 acres

[02] Terracing and earth works

[03] Seedling development in lab operations

[04] Moving seedlings to nursery and nursery operations

[05] Planting on Anak Kulim, Kedah 500 acres site

[06] Fertilizer application

[07] Pruning and trimming

[08] Trimming of grass

[09] Farm machinery, equipments and manpower deployed on site

3.0 Paulownia Plant Growth Status

On hand at the plantation is Gain Green’s chief, Mr Law, who oversees the overall project management, supervision of works and plantation technical knowhow. He visit’s the Anak Kulim, Kedah site on a monthly basis to ensure all aspects of the plantations are in place with all efforts geared up to a successful harvest in 40months. Gain Green has stationed a full-time plantation manager and site manager at the Anak Kulim, Kedah site.

[01] Paulownia at 1 month from planting

[02] Paulownia at 3 months from planting

[03] Paulownia at 6 months from planting


FINTERRA Global Plantation project Phase-1, 500 acres Paulownia Timber at Anak Kulim, Kedah is on schedule as per the project plan shared in July 2020. The planting targets for Q1 (Oct – Dec 2020) have been met, with minimum disruption from namely (i) Movement Control Order due to COVID-19, (ii) trencial excessive rains, (iii) infestation of wild boars in surrounding natural forests. Sufficient mitigations had been put in place earlier on, and have resulted in no time loss. Plant health is within the forecasted growth range. Plantation scheduled maintenance work’s are carried-out as per PM plan, with no recorded failures so far.

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