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FGP Ventures Sdn Bhd has signed a joint venture agreement with United Paulownia Plantation, a direct affiliate of Green Afforestation International Network Sdn Bhd (Gain Green), which is a forestry farm management company specializing in Paulownia farming.

This strategically planned planting and harvesting agreement of the Paulownia tree is aimed to meet the demands of the timber industry by planting a special species of paulownia tree which is fast growing and non-invasive. This will help in addressing the timber shortage both in Malaysia and internationally which has resulted in deforestation of native forests over time.

Finterra Global Plantation (FGP) is aligning itself with established players in the Green Forestation industry to meet the global demands of timber and supporting the country in meeting its carbon footprint commitments. FGP Ventures has set its sights on creating a viable and long-term solution to the ongoing increase in demand for timber and wood products, a solution that is sustainable in generating steady profits to its investors and sustainable to nature as well.

As an organization, FGP Ventures encourages sustainable wealth creation through safe and secure social impact projects, and the Paulownia plantation project is just one of these which allows FGP Ventures to offer a safe alternative investment opportunity to its investors. The investment opportunity is through the issuance of Islamic Redeemable Preferential Shares (iRPS) which adheres to regulations and is Shariah compliant.  In this way, investors have a chance to get involved in socially responsible project, ethical investing, while also receiving benefits through consistent steady returns.

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