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On 2 November 2020, the founder of Finterra, Hamid Rashid, will be conducting an ‘Islamic Fintech Masterclass’ as part of the Qatar FinTech Hub (QFTH) Incubator and Accelerator Programs. With specific focus on Islamic Finance use cases and opportunities, this masterclass will introduce the innovative FinTechs taking part in QFTH’s Programs to Islamic fintech and the unique opportunities it offers.

The masterclass will give Finterra the opportunity to interact with promising local and international FinTech companies and can act as a springboard to generate local awareness and outreach through QFTH’s marketing channels. This program also offers unique value for Finterra and an opportunity for all parties involved to embark on a deep-dive into the Islamic Fintech market through collective collaborations.

Finterra and QFTH have entered into this collaboration agreement in order to induct Finterra into the Incubator and Accelerator Programs, which are considered launch pads for local and global FinTechs, aspiring to scale within the region, and beyond. The mission of QFTH, which is co-founded by Qatar Development Bank, is to provide start-ups with unparalleled access to local and global business development, mentorship and investments (

The collaboration includes providing Islamic Fintech courses, enabling industry expert facilitators to conduct these courses, as well as consultation support. Through this collaboration, QFTH and Finterra will also introduce Finterra’s Cash Waqf Blockchain solution in Qatar with the aim of revitalizing Islamic social finance in the country.

Finterra is committed to the revitalization of Islamic social finance across the globe through utilization of new technologies. Through productive ventures such as the collaboration with QFTH, the Company aims to expand the reach of our revolutionary Blockchain solutions for the further development of communities through Islamic social finance. In the near future, several such collaborations across the globe will be established with the aim to achieve this goal.   

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