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Finterra Technologies Sdn Bhd (Finterra), is immensely proud to announce that it has been awarded a contract for the development of a Shariah compliant Blockchain based Gold Dinar Trading & Exchange platform by Al Ebreiz Global Berhad (Al Ebreiz). The deal is for a tenure of three years and will see Finterra working closely in developing a robust and secure platform which offers Islamic hybrid financial solutions built on the blockchain for Al Ebriez. The solutions will include, E-Wallet, Payment Gateway integrations, trading and exchange platform, and integration to third-party exchanges. The agreement was presented to Managing Director of Finterra, Satesh Khemlani during the Soft Launch ceremony of Al Ebriez Global Berhad in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. On 5th of September 2020.

Finterra has committed to building a long-term relationship with Al Ebreiz by continuously providing them with innovative solutions, quality execution and the dedication of our talented Blockchain, Islamic Finance and Shariah team. According to Managing Director of Finterra, “we are privileged to take the next steps together and to contribute to Al Ebreiz’s growth and initiatives globally”.

Finterra and Al Ebreiz, have entered this collaboration to promote greater financial inclusion for economic development, to bridge the income inequality gaps and to efficiently mobilize funds in the realm of Islamic digital economy (Fintech) while also uplifting the financial standing of the whole community. Potential partners had been reviewed in the market who not only came with the technical knowhow, but also could offer value added services in the market placement of the product and its evolution. Finterra has secured the contract due to a solid track record, industry knowledge, and are in the Islamic fintech space with deep experience in blockchain technology.

As both companies are united in purpose, the solutions which Finterra is developing for Al Ebriez through the AlaDeenGold e-wallet will enable it to offer an easy way for people to trade, store and own physical gold without storage and physical security concerns.

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