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Founded in 2017 and head quartered in Malaysia, with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, India, and Abu Dhabi, Finterra ( specializes in Blockchain technology and Islamic Fintech solutions, with specific focus on Islamic Social Finance. Finterra embarked on a journey to enable society in investing in projects driven for the betterment of society based on Islamic Waqf / Endowment principals. In line with UN’s SDG’s, Finterra is focused on Green Forestation and Food Security projects in 2020/21 onwards. This has led to the formation of Finterra Global Plantation Berhad, and its fully own subsidiary FGP Ventures Sdn Bhd. Finterra has cautiously diversified its investments portfolio in plantation, and food security projects. The new portfolio is to encourage sustainable wealth creation through safe secure and social impact project for public interest.

FGP Ventures ( is envisioned to be a ecologically sustainable company that firmly believes that while we endeavour to uplift societies there is utmost need to hold a firm focus on creating and growing ecological sustainable business models that complement with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. FGP Ventures is aligning itself with established players in the Green Forestation space. As part of this endeavour FGP Ventures focuses sustainable afforestation by the planting of a futuristic strain of timber that is ultra fast growing, and can reduce carbon emission while providing profits ushering economic growth to not just individuals but whole sections of societies. The ever-growing global demand for timber and wood that has resulted in worldwide deforestation inspired Finterra Global Plantations take the opportunity to provide adequate profits to its investors while addressing the Malaysia local timber shortage problem, creating a win-win situation for both mother earth and its investors.

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